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Our restaurant recommendations in Barcelona

Actualizado: 11 may 2022

It is amazing to receive demand from all over the world to rent our vans. We are passionate about Barcelona and Cataluña so more than happy to give tips. We have been asked many times where to go and eat so here is our very own recommendations :)

A restaurant specialized in tapas. They are very well known and they deliver. Make sure to go and eat there early to avoid the queue. Before 8PM!

2- Hipster Pizza - Parking Pizza

A high-end pizza in a minimalistic well thought decor. The place used to be a parking before! Order the straciatella di Buffala and eat it as soon as It reaches you before It gets cold. I love to go get a cocktail and sit in the comfy chair before eating there.

3- Vegetarian with live Music - The Green Spot

Book a table for 19.30 Tuesdays and Thursdays and you will have a nice live concert. You can eat at the bar too which is kind of cool and relaxed. Their best dishes are the simplest. The menu changes often so I can not recommend a specific dish.

4- Michelin Star for 40€! Caelis

Ok that one is my little secret. Go there for lunch and you get a michelin star menu for 40€! And if you book early enough, you can sit at the bar which is around the kitchen and see them cooking. Very cool!

5- Paella on the beach - Escriba

First things first, paella is not really a dish from Barcelona so you won't get the best paella here in this city. But still, there are some really good ones. Personnaly, I think paella should be taken with a light white wine and by the beach so I recommend you Escriba. It is pricey but It is well located and good quality.

6- Japanese Barbecue - Carlota Akaneya

Not exactly the typical spanish restaurant but we put out there because It is a rare type of restaurant. A japanese barbeue. Servants welcome you in japanese as you sit. Excellent wagyu meat. it is worth doing it!

7- Tino - Tino

They are the new kid on the block in the street food scene. Those guys have created a brand new type of dish based on a pizza dough and the shape is similar to a calzone. Something unique to try.

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